Distribution Business

A.Wholesales : The company distributes about 1000 titles of books published under various international Publisher. Millions of students, teachers, and professors use our services in Grade K-12 classrooms and more than 300 Schools including higher education institutions around the Thailand.

B.Retail Outlets : Presently, there are two teams to promote around Thailand.

C.E-Commerce : Students and Teachers have an easily way to order every books via the website www.a2e.co.th which will show the covers and detail of the publications, price as well as excerpts from all books. The method of placing an order is easy, quick, convenient and safe. ( We are developing)

D.Direct Sales : The direct sales teams draw up various lists of book of special interests with an emphasis on educational and social oriented books and then submit the lists for direct buying orders to relevant government departments, educational institutions, schools and public libraries to be used either as textbooks, external readings, references or reading skill materials

E.Thailand Teaching Programme
We have diversified business with the aim of delivering high quality, high value ‘one-stop shop’ recruitment and teacher management services to Thai Schools and Educational Organisations.

We provide a unique, high quality service to schools in Thailand through the delivery not only of highly qualified and supported teaching staff but also the provision of the most suitable text books and curriculum allowing for the delivery of the best EP and other programmes in the country