AP® Honors, & Electives Solutions

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Pearson is proud to support the AP® Summer Institutes with complimentary copies of a wide selection of advanced placement programs and resources. Are your students college ready? Find resources designed specifically to build the pre-requisite reading, writing, and math skills to ensure college and career success. Textbooks • Technology • 100% Digital Solution. Whatever your need, Pearson has the solution. Want to teach directly from a textbook? Prefer a blended print and digital solution? Want to go 100% digital? Pearson offers the highest quality Ensure student success on the AP exams! Pearson's unique and innovative advanced placement Test Prep workbooks reinforce the important connections between what you teach, what your students read in their textbook, and what they will be tested on in May. Your expertise in the classroom is invaluable. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to contribute to, review, pilot, and advise on new product development ideas and efforts. Sign-up to be a reviewer today!

AP® Honors, & Electives Solutions from Pearson

The most comprehensive source for all your Advanced Placement, Honors, and Electives Science needs. Explore today!

The Best in Science Technology!


Pearson is the leading provider of Advanced Placement, Honors, and Elective print and electronic learning programs in Math.


Social Studies, Fine Arts, Humanities, World Languages
Providing the Foundation for a World of Possibilities! Pearson offers a wide range of print and digital solutions for Advanced Placement, Honors, and Elective Social Studies, Fine Arts Humanities and World Languages programs.

  • Social Studies
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
  • World Languages

    Language Arts
    From literature and language to research writing, creative writing, and communication, Pearson delivers the most customized advanced placement honors & electives instruction and support to prepare students for college and beyond - including targeted AP® test prep, practice, and strategies.